aprill 22, 2012

Ornamented Journey

Kõigepealt tahaksin tänada neid inimesi, kes on meie raamatuesitlusi nii soojalt vastu võtnud!
First of all I'd like to thank all those people who have been at our presentations - you were so warm!

Photo: Anu Pink
Now let us peek into the freshly published English version of the glovebook. It has some extra pages - our main translator Ilmar Lehtpere, who has been translating Kristiina's creation for seven years, has written a brief introduction to the book in what sense would be better for a reader to perceive it.

Kristiina Ehin, wellknown Estonian poetry writer and my friend, has created five short, but yet very fascinating stories about knitters from the past. These are accompanied by my gloves' photos.

There are two more parts in the book. I present the sources of inspiration for my gloves, meaning the authentic archive material from Estonian  National Museum. And finally I give some instructions how to knit gloves and some more commonly known Estonian ethnographic cuffs.

The book is available in Estonian web stores such as http://www.rahvaraamat.ee/ and http://www.kriso.ee/, or you also could write to sales@saara.ee and order from there, or wait until the books arrive to your countries (US, Canada and a selection of European states).

Have a pleasant journey in the world of gloves!

13 kommentaari:

  1. Are there any yarn shops in Tallinn where I can buy this book?

  2. Hi, I'm not sure because I personally don't deal with selling matters but most bookstores (Rahva Raamat, Apollo perhaps too) certainly have it in. You could check also Pikk street 22 (Estonian craft shop), to my mind they also took it in.

  3. Olle-Petter Melin12. mai 2012 07:54

    Thank you for this book!! I received my copy today (from Kristostmus bookshop - www.kriso.ee)and it is a really nice book! I love the photos they are very inspiring! I hope to find out what the symbols on my latest sweater mean - they are copied from an Estonian museum mitten. (http://ravel.me/Knotting/2lnna)
    I hope you will continue to produce books about Estonian traditional knitting, patterns and textile crafts!

  4. Thanks for giving feedback! I can't tell what the Halliste pattern, that you are referring to, precisely means but as it contains crosses and doublecrosses we could assume that it was meant to use for protection or to bring good luck. That simple it is!
    Yes, I really hope to continue with Estonian gloves' history..

  5. Thank you for this very nice book. I love love love gloves, and especially the ones with nordic/baltic motifs.
    I ordered the book also from Kristomus bookshop. Thanks god for the internet!
    Best wishes from Germany to Tallinn, Petra

  6. Seesama raamat sai ülerootsilise kunstkäsitööajakirja "Hemslöjd" viimases numbris kiitva arvustuse osaliseks. Kui on huvi, siis skännin ja saadan:)

    Tervitused Stockholmist,

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